Sustainability by Design

Given our scope of services, from packaging design and material selection through to plate manufacturing and print, Rivendell are a critical influencer of sustainable packaging and support processes.

Recognising the importance of our role in delivering a more sustainable future, we work in partnership with our parent company Coveris and all leading membership organisations to deliver planet-first packaging solutions, every time.

Rooted in our corporate vision of NO WASTE, alongside common retailer and legislative sustainability strategies, we design for sustainability in five key areas – responsible sourcing, reduction, recycling, replacement and reuse.

Responsible sourcing

  • Using the most responsible and eco-efficient materials available from sustainable sources


  • Reduction of any excess or unnecessary packaging as well as food waste through leading technologies and shelf-life intervention
  • Designing packaging to be minimal and ensure minimal waste during the production process
  • Reduction of packaging weight through downgauging


  • Shift towards easy-to-recycle materials, including monomaterial plastics and other alternatives
  • Supporting a circular economy model via increased kerbside collection and multi-retailer soft plastic recycling strategies in-store
  • Using OPRL, RecyClass and other industry guidelines to ensure our concepts will be recyclable at end-of-use
  • Working alongside new and existing shelf-life technologies to support food waste targets


  • Replacement of paper or plastic with alternative materials where there is no compromise to shelf-life or carbon impact


  • Offset of virgin materials via inclusion of recycled paper and plastic content
  • Recyclable materials and recycling infrastructure to support a circular economy for plastics

Our onsite graphic and structural designers at the Pack Positive Centre are trained in designing packaging to meet the necessary sustainability goals.

At Rivendell, we have onsite expertise in sustainability, so if you are looking for help in navigating legislation such as the UK Plastics Packaging Tax, Extender Producer Responsibility or Deposit Return Schemes, we can advise.