Pre-production mock-ups & proofing

Take your packaging for a test drive.

Through our state-of-the-art Pack Positive development centre, we offer fast turnaround, high-quality 3D visuals specifically tailored to your needs.

Visuals are crucial for customers when deciding whether to purchase a product. PR campaigns, packaging, point-of-sale and online media are all used as indicators on whether a product is fit for purchase in the eyes of the consumer.

The Pack Positive Centre can adapt existing artwork for all packaging types and provide fast-turnaround, high-quality 3D visuals in a format tailored specifically to your needs.

All our 3D visuals are created from flat artwork with finishing options ranging from embossing, debossing, matt and gloss varnishes. When you’re happy with the design, we prototype them and then use our very own on-site concept store to enable you to view the final ideas and gain a feel for the consumer shelf appeal prior to launch.

Pre-production mock-ups & proofing at the Pack Positive Centre

  • Make your artwork come alive with 3DPV rendering
  • Real-feel technically accurate samples & mock-ups with our state-of-the-art UV LED flatbed printer and professional packaging equipment
  • Our broad range of inks, substrates & finishes, including emboss & tactile varnishes, offer unlimited creative opportunities
  • We have access to sustainable material stock via our Coveris supply partners