Artwork & Repro

Your trusted brand guardians.

We are trusted by leading brands to manage their artwork and reprographic needs across multiple packaging formats consistently. With a proven track record in print, our expert brand guardians can create technical artwork and point-of-sale (POS), pack copy and roll-out of master designs utilising brand guidelines.

Dedicated expertise

Multi-skilled, in-house operators help to reduce rework and artwork touchpoints, contributing to our efficient, collaborative approval process. By creating pull-off sheets and guidelines, teams use their toolbox of assets to reduce the overall lead time and increase consistency across all levels.

Rivendell’s reprographic specialists help by retouching images and management of colour for print process, format and substrate. The artwork produced is guaranteed to be suitable for print and process, and our continued colour management ensures consistency across substrate and format. Rivendell encompasses the entire process of print to avoid any issues such as misregistration by colour matching, trapping, and adding grips. This careful consideration allows for a smooth and efficient process, reducing the overall lead time of a job.


  • Technical artwork & point-of-sale (POS) creation
  • Pack copy
  • Roll-out of master designs utilising brand guidelines & asset toolbox across multi-process print & packaging
  • Creation of mark-ups, pull-off sheets & guidelines
  • Multi-skilled, in-house operators
  • Reduced rework & lead times
  • Increased consistency & fewer artwork touch points


  • Image retouch & colour management for print process, format & substrate
  • Artwork made suitable to print for multiple print processes
  • LEN/TIFF files for plates
  • Continued colour management to ensure consistency
  • Preparation of artwork to printer specification through colour matching, trapping & gripping