Colour management

Confidence in colour consistency.

Rivendell’s in-house Colour Kitchen ensures the scientific standards of colour management are met, allowing your retail brand access to repeatability for each and every print process.

Next generation colour management

Through our in-house Colour Kitchen, print expertise and plate manufacturing capabilities, Rivendell are positioned to offer next-generation accuracy and repeatability of colour across multiple processes and substrates. Targets can be supplied as both physical swatches and CXF spectral data.

Replication of your brand colours allows customers to easily recognise a product, making it crucial to have strong trust in consistency and predictability. Rivendell work collaboratively with your brand to manage expectations from the design concept stage, to ensure designs and colours are feasible when it comes to print.

Consistency and repeatability every time

Our services include:

  • Remote or onsite press passing
  • Esko software to manage ink usage on press to support sustainable targets, as well as cost efficiencies
  • X-rite calibrated spectrophotometers & colour measurement software
  • GCR colour rationalisation
  • Expertise across multiple & sustainable ink types (water, UV, digital print)