Value engineering

Minimising resources, maximising benefits.

Being involved at the concept stage can help eliminate and reduce downstream cost and waste in the packaging process. Our vastly experienced and knowledgeable team are continually focused on improving processes and reducing waste, including rationalisation of print tools and sizes, print setup, and standardisation of material selection to reduce cost, waste and improve efficiencies.

Print tool rationalisation

As retailers and brand owners launch new designs and SKUs, the product portfolio and range also grow. This leads to a high number of products of similar sizes having to be stored, managed, and monitored. This often causes duplicity in the process incurring costs in cutter creation, tooling, machinery setup and increased waste.

Using our expertise, we can analyse your product portfolio and range extensions and propose efficient processes and ideas that standardise your print tool library ensuring, quality and consistency whilst saving time and costs.

Print setup

Working with our Colour Kitchen technologists and utilising our knowledge in Fixed Colour Palette (FCP) printing, all retailers, brand owners and printers can benefit from reduced costs by removing unnecessary spot colours, saving on ink, plates, wash-up and make-ready on press.

Our Colour Kitchen delivers consistent results to preserve your brand integrity in the proliferation of print-media output and the various print disciplines, as well as the variety of choice in substrates for primary and secondary packaging.

Material selection

Using our prototyping facility and Coveris Group material testing centres, we can analyse your current materials and propose new solutions in optimising material content, downgauging weight of existing material, and proposing more environmentally friendly solutions.

We then produce the existing design on the selected new material colour matched to specification with the product in position. This is all done at concept stage to allow our clients to see, feel and analyse the new or revised packaging up front,  helping to eliminate downstream waste.