Consumer & brand testing

Confidence in your concept.

Helping you make the right decision for your customers, our retail merchandising suite and academic partnership with Leeds Beckett University help you answer vital questions about your packaging prior to launch.

Consumer testing

The Pack Positive Centre’s in-house merchandising suite helps you to see and test your concept in real-time in a simulated retail environment.

This offer is supported by onsite artificial consumer testing. Using a unique algorithm, our specialist software can help you understand if the right information is being seen by consumers and whether your pack will get noticed in the sea of shapes and colours on a fixture.

Leeds Beckett University academic partnership

Helping you make the right decision for your customers, our academic partnership with Leeds Beckett University’s The Retail Institute allows for qualitative and quantitative consumer testing.

The Retail Institute’s consumer research methods are applicable to multiple phases of the packaging design process. Their bespoke research design process helps to generate ideas for new products, identify consumer preferences, support the business case for a chosen format and help to test or validate a product prior to launching on the market. We favour mixed method approaches that combine general market insights with individual customer perspectives and develop research designs that are specific to the needs of each client.


The following approaches work for different kinds of research objectives and can be used in combination to ensure breadth and depth of insight:

  • In-person interviews & focus groups
  • Online surveys
  • Experimental methods & Kano testing
  • Scoping studies
  • Custom research projects